New Hot Smart All-in –one Foldable Mini Aluminium Alloy Wired Selfie kits Pack RK89 Is Released(6 in 1 pack) R-SIM12,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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New Hot Smart All-in –one Foldable Mini Aluminium Alloy Wired Selfie kits Pack RK89 Is Released(6 in 1 pack)

New Hot Smart All-in –one Foldable Mini Aluminium Alloy Wired Selfie kits Pack RK89 Is Released(6 in 1 pack)

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(Upgraded RK90E aluminium alloy wired monopod) Rgknse initiatively creates selfie kits pack, the utility model patent number is ZL201420683699.9. There are various monopods on market.the model number: RK88

Therefore, it is not easy to figure out the quality. Rgknse selfie kits pack is designed according to the idea of selfie equipments. When you buy this item, you will own all the kits of selfie. Selfie pack in hand, shooting worry-free. Rgknse selfie pack is the top quality and perfect monopod on market. Such as: foldable mini size stick, wire connecting, universal multi-functional phone holder. By contrast to the easily breakable stainless steel pole, we apply the high quality aluminium alloy. RK89 is the top grade wired monopod pack.

1. High Performance mini monopod in fact

Foldable design is quite beautiful. The fold size is around 22cm so can put inside the handbags and pockets. Most foldable monopod with zoom function is made of stainless steel which is easy to rust. What’s worse, the steel pole will make the pictures dim when it spins.

2. Multi-functional universal all-in-one phone holder (suitable for for GOPROS mount, international 1/4 screw mount can match all kinds of monopod)

On the market, one-piece foldable clip can not fit GOPROS or international 1/4 screw mount. This clip only can match its own pole. The usage is limited.
3. Provide rearview mirror for rear camera to control the image
When using rear camera, you can put on the mirror and using the mirror to control the scene. Other foldable monopods have not provided the mirror.
4.GOPROS connector can use GOPROS sports cameras.
On the market, most monopod mount can not use the gopros cameras.
5.GOPROS long size screw
More professional when using the GOPROS sports devices 1/4 screw adapter
 When you need to use other big clips for phone and pad, you can change clips as you like.
7.Aviation aluminium alloy monopod
aluminium alloy monopod is lightweight, steady, great load-carrying by contrast to stainless steel material monopods
8. Overall packing design selfie kits
Only need to buy RK 89, you can own all professional selfie equipments. Just like a makeup kit of a lady or the network maintenance pack, it is quite professional. 
9. No need to worry about the radiation and interference signal of battery. Wired 3.5 headsets connecting, there is no need to worry about Bluetooth, charge and the radiation wave. Freely worry about the interference to the phone signal.
10.Wire connecting, easy to use. It suits for all kinds of people. While Bluetooth monopod is complex in pairing and the voice controlled selfie shutter needs to store an app. The wire monopod can plug and play quite easy to use. No matter the old age customers or kids can use it.
11.Unique and Humanized design with patent. The wired handle is quite humanized because we have designed according to difference hand size between east and west that means we produce the big and thick handle for western customers and smaller and antiskid handle for Asian customers. The button is sensitive. There are two different kinds of mounts: the transparent PC mount and the special mount for professional GOPRO cameras. The stick is light and portable. The folded size is around 22cm and biggest pipe diameter is 1.8 cm. the size is smaller than the flexible umbrella. Easily put inside pockets or lady purses.
12.Patented and new phone holder with a mirror which is helpful when using the HD rear camera. If using the rear camera to shoot, can fix icanany mirror into the holder. The mirror can be used to choose the view so can get the perfect and HD pictures.

The selfie suit catches all the eyeballs of the selfie industry in the world. RK88 is hot in the global. It is the new popular product. Selfie kits is such a revolutionary design for making money under the chaotic selfie stick market  ,do not hesitate. 

Mark: we have neutral design for the below information and package) official website: or


Name:All-in–one Foldable Mini Aluminium Alloy Wired Selfie kits Pack(enhanced version)

Model:RK89 (China)   RK89E (oversea)



Package including(6 in 1): mini wired aluminium alloy monopod*1+ mini foldable clip*1+ climbing carabiner*1 +rear camera using mirror*1+ strap*1+common mount screw*1

Compatibility: android and ios smart phone(plug and use)

Size: less than 22cm, extend to 78cm , added tripod can be 85cm.  welcome OEM

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