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Notice, perfect ICCID loophole for stable 4G China Mobile & Unicom blocked again! The perfect ICCID loophole for stable 4G signal of China Mobile and Unicom has been blocked again. For customers who already unlocked the phone, please comply with following regulations: Do not root the phone with computer(you can directly update the system from the phone by OTA, i.e. Settings-General-Software Update); do not wipe your iPhone; do not change SIM card; do not change unlocking mode! But don’t worry! The new unlocking card is coming soon! New editable ICCID will make your unlock sim card perfect again. Edit ICCID code *500*7672*88#. At this transitional period before new ICCID, R-SIM12 has multiple built-in programs. It allows switching to other unlocking modes. Switch code *5005*7672*00#

The latest iOS11.2 system. After ICCID blocked, R-SIM12 built-in TMSI.2G/3G/4G unlocking mode still works for unlocking iphone 4G signal, by using previous operation methods for i7&6s. For customers who successfully unlocked 4G signal of China Mobile and Unicom, DO COMPLY WITH the following notes: Do not root the phone with the computer( directly update your system from the phone, i.e. Settings-General-Software Update); Do not wipe your iPhone; Do not change SIM card; Do not change unlocking mode. And your phone will continuously work like unlocked. R-SIM team is working hard for new perfect unlocking methods…, coming soon!

Pefect 4G automatically Unlocking IOS11 RSIM 12 rush on market now. 

Automatically unlock ios11 of Iphone X, iphone 8. 8plus & Iphone 7 via newest iccid unlocking loophole, insert and signal avaialble immediately. Perfect and stable default ID 89860600502000180722.  Dailing instruction command *5005*7672*0#, it supports automatic editing iccid mode. SIM card program is with buit in function of upgrading card program via cloud drive. Unprecedented improvements. Brand new Sim card package. Mini portable design, while can pack  micro sim&nanosim&nano card and card take-off pin. No worry for missing.  Real bonus pack. Are you still worring for your contract Iphone X ? RSIM 12 will make your phone a unlocked non-contract iphone.  Click for details

Click for NEW R-SIM 12 (B) BLACK PCBA ......,

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