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R-SIM Company has latestly updated its perfect program-R-SIM9+(R-SIM9 Plus, ie. nano cloud card is coming. It will restore the bug of repeatedly jumping activation. And it will be perfectly compatible with general operators. This unlocked card has integrated different unlock patterns of iOS5.X/6.X/7.X/Bata8.X. Nano military nanometer mesh technology was adopted to control the production process (which brings special features:waterproof, anti-folding, anti-static ect.) Many factories have copied our products, but nobody can exceed us. Know more details, please click the link:

Latest news: iOS7.0-7.1.2 already jailbreak, You can free add source after jailbreak  : Also you can choose  the corresponding patch on www.isamteam.com to realize part of CDMA phones use 3 g Internet, normal text messages ,So far the Sprint, Canada , UK version, China telecom and other models can be normal unlock , Normal  3G/4G  Internet(4G Sim card  5S/5C  can internet 4G,3G /4G sim card installation  Source“  A1:3G/4G 上网(5S/5C)"), text messages, It is no doubt use new R - SIM air2 series card can let unlock function is equivalent to unlocked!.please click:

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