Multifunctional Snap-together Bluetooth Monopod Suit RK908 R-SIM14,R-SIM12,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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Multifunctional Snap-together Bluetooth Monopod Suit RK908

In Selfie time, selfie has become the people’s habit. selfie is the most popular way of self-expression at present. Checking out your friends circle, you will find your own Self-portrait and your friends’. But, you never thought what you can do if the scene is not enough. In order to put more people in the same picture, one invents the amazing device”selfie stick”. And now it is sweeping the world.  RK908 multifunctional snap-together bluetooth monopod suit is a compositional monopod. The device can act as the remoter shutter and also can be a shooting suit. It is in high compatibility, so can suit for iphone and Samsung, Oppo. Huawei and other Smartphone. If you want to test weather your phone can match the stick or not, just need to open your camera app, and change the volume key into camera item, then it will be ok. The small size mount can vertically shotting in 90 degrees. We use international standard 1/4 screw and put a rubber pad for the mount so can protect your loved phone. It is a zoom bluetooth autodyne stick. It can support above IOS 6 and android 4.2.2.

Main function: Smartphone wireless selfie 
Support system: Android & IOS 
Max load: 500g
Folded length: 245mm
Stretched length: 945mm
Main material: stainless steel
Joint: 6
The battery capacity: 130mah
Operating current: 3.5MA
working voltage:3.7v-4.2V
charging voltage:5v
Charging time: 1hour (when charge, red light on, when finished, the light off)
Stand-by time: above 120 hours
Working times: more than 600 times
package size: 35*13*4cm 
packaged weight 160g 
A sample auxiliary shooting device can be assembled into four different modes to satisfy photographing demands under different situations.
Pull mode   handle mode    tripod mode  desktop mode 

1.method one 
screw up flexible stick with mobile equipment/tablet fixed mount 
2. insert the stick into the remote joystick and fix
3. hold the mobile /tablet on the holder 

method two 
1. Insert the flexible stick into remote joystick and fix
2. hold the mobile /tablet on the holder 
Method three
1.Screw up flexible stick with tripod and fix the phone/tablet
2. hold the mobile /tablet on the holder and fix  

Fashionable people’s pursuit and taste for fashion has been fully considered by us, we have designed pearl white, fluorescent green, simple pink. Rose red and other colors for your selection to meet diversified demends. Furthermore, you can make auxiliary shooting device covered with different stickers or other form expansion link to handle as you like, DIY your own stuff.
Easy operation:
The whole operation flow can be completed only by pressing 3or 4 buttons: star up – selecting Bluetooth pairing (zoom) - system switching (depend on mobile phone/tab system) - photograph. It only takes you a few seconds from posing to photographing.
Product is made with new material, light but very firm. Especially, it is equipped with average sized and fashionable bag for placing, among portable bags or travelling cases, it only occupies a space slightly bigger than that of glasses case; its portability design guarantees that it never becomes the burden of going out or travelling.

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