Supreme mini 5 secret garden flower style gift wired selfie stick (pocket as folding 12cm and extending to 75cm) R-SIM14,R-SIM12,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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Supreme mini 5 secret garden flower style gift wired selfie stick (pocket as folding 12cm and extending to 75cm)

According to the survey which is designed to search the customers Hot supreme mini III pen size gift wireless selfie stick shocks the market on sale

According to the survey which is designed to search the customers used monopod, most people though that the selfie stick should be mini, pocket size and portable. Mini 5 is smaller and lighter than mini 3. It still can extend to the standard lenth, 75cm. we have added the secret garden flower element. The Simple atmospheric flower style is better for young beautiful guys who like to acting cute. mini 5 is not only a supreme mini selfie stick but also a acting cute tool. What’s more, it can be a piece of delicate artwork and best gift. People also require the monopod with a high compatibility so can use for more phone models. The brand new supreme mini 5 pen size gift wired selfie stick will shock the market and derail the world. It must be the selfie trend sooner.(new hot item is arriving)

Main advanced features:  (change the selfie history , lead the trend of selfie, win-win cooperation with agents)

wired control concept: special mount design with a wire outlet hole so can avoid the cutting from the pole when extending and folding. Easy operating and better price.we adopt the ergonomics when design the handle. The flower button and flower element has discarded the traditional handle design and will change the selfie art. 

Length concept: folded to 12 cm which is 2cm shorter than a ball pen, extended to 75cm(count in clip length), shorter 9 sections thickened stainless steel pole, mini when fold and long enough when extended but many models on the market only 45cm when extended just a toy which is not useful for selfie.

Steady shooting concept: new groove pole, more stable and hard to rotate ( the old groove pole is easy to become heat and more frequently to bend)

secret garden  flower style all in one pen clip concept: industrial design master absorbs the pen clip and plum blossom elements so to make the selfie stick more humanized. Mini 5 holder is much smaller than mini3.this new holder reduced one-third in width. It connect tightly with our mini size topic . The stick and be hang on the pocket of shirt and pants or holded inside of purses pencil boxes. It is quite portable and easy to carry. The biggest feature is the flower style.

sportive selfie concept: unique commonly used mount is suitable for using professional sports camera. In order to get more professional pictures, the sports camera is needed to use. 

High compatibility concept: use new wire chip: American MCU, can support almost all phones. 

Multifunctional lazy stand concept: supreme mini 5 gift selfie stick is in high practicality. Compact design supreme mini 5 selfie stick can act as a lazy holder or a phone stand for watching videos when outdoor play. 

Portable concept: supreme mini 5 pen size gift selfie stick only weights 83.5g which weight is like to carry a few lipsticks. 

view-finder mirror concept:with new definition, the micro mirror is more artistic and stable so to show clear images when using rear camera.

Gift and collocation concept: gift package can meet the demands of a variety of people. Secret garden flower type crystal box package is small and nice which meets the requirement of most people. One stick couples package is designed for gifts when people join a family-visit, a friend’s party, a birthday party or a feast.  

Specification :

1. Pen size selfie stick which folds to 12cm and extends to 75cm is made by 9 sections

2. Support IOS and Android system

3. Part of android phones need to use APP (360 camera) plug and play

4. Weight: 83.5g

5. Packing size:   Carton size: 100pcs/carton  carton size:58*30*32cm

6. Selecting system automatically no need switching system by hand

7. Also a phone stand for watching videos, adjust the angle by extending the pole 

Accessories: pen size Bluetooth selfie stick *1      secret garden flower type crystal box package *1 

Micro-USB cable *1     wrist strap * 1     Protective case *1 

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