Newly Released RK-03 Smart Elf Mini Panoramic Scene Selfie Robot R-SIM14,R-SIM12,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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Newly Released RK-03 Smart Elf Mini Panoramic Scene Selfie Robot
Nowadays, cellphone is not only the communication tool, but also a multifunctional item suchas selfie, social communication, playing games. All people photography becomesa normal word which appears among free talking. And cell phone has taken theplace of the traditional cameras and acts as the first choice of photography. Today,almost all phones added the many shooting models for photography, such as, burstshoot, slow motion, square and panorama. What’s more, the filter function providesmuch more shooting modes. Among all modes, panorama is the irreplaceable andspecial function for shooting large scene. 

Normally, whenchoose the panorama, people need to hold the phone and make the parallel rotationor parallel movement. Then can get the panoramic scene or the 360 degreecircle pictures. As well-known by all experienced photographers, hand holding panoramashooting needs to keep parallel moving. The batter way is to find a centerand then rotate in parallel way. Without using a tripod, it is quite hard tokeep the balance. But using tripod is also not the convenient way for takinglarge scene pictures and maybe makes some errors.

In order to solvethe flaws of hand holding panorama and improve the joy and creativity ofshooting, icanany newly promotes a automatically panoramic scene selfie robotrk-03, which is also called as elf.

RK-03 elf, 360degree panoramic scene selfie mount redefines idea of selfie.  Shoot anytime and anywhere as you like.  Record your life in all angles. Take picturesby control the remote. Panorama, cute and 10s delay shooting are the featuresof our 360 degree selfie electric robot. It is a multifunctional design and canlast working around 3 hours. The mount of the elf can add most phones, activesports cameras, mini SLR, tripod and selfie stick. Remote control is available.Connect the phone by bluetooth. All-round photography experience from 360degree selfie, expect your special and joyful playing ways.

RK-03 Elf minipanorama robot for selfie photography

Supportsystem:  IOS 5.0 or more updated, Samsungandroid 2.3.6 or more updated

Main Function:Remote panorama head for selfie photographs

Specification:Max load: 500g   Height:  65mm

Weight: 100g  Diameter: 58mm

Bluetooth: 3.0/4.0power save and fast charging, Can be compatible with Android and IOS

Accessories:   Panorama robot

Remote control  Smart phone Mount

Gopro adapter  The function ofremote control:

Counterclockwise 、Clockwise、Slow up、Slow down、Left/right、Time-lapsephotography (10 second)   

Bluetooth: As aremote shutter after paired Bluetooth

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